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5 Safe Ways to Conduct Cross Border Shipments

It can be stressful when shipping items of sentiment or of value. Some items simply must be shipped and there is just no other way around it such as purchasing items online, or moving to a new residence. No matter what your shipment needs are, Cross Border Shipping from Toronto guarantees to ship your most precious items quickly, safely and in a timely fashion eliminating all of your worries while meeting all of your needs. There are 5 safe ways to conduct Cross Border Shipments and they are as follows:

1. Before deciding upon the method of shipment, the kind of item to be shipped needs to be considered. What is the value of the item to be shipped? How large is the item to be shipped? Most things can be shipped without any special handling by utilizing a standard postal system method if the item is small and its value is 100 dollars or less. Other shipment options such as overnight delivery services are available for items that are worth more than 100 dollars or weigh over 40lbs such as furniture or other heavy items.

2. Prepare all fragile items to be shipped a head of time regardless of the method of shipment such as carefully wrapping the item in foam packing peanuts, bubble wrap or other packing material to ensure that the item is able to tolerate bumps etc.

3. It is also advised to take photographs of your item and obtain an appraisal before shipment for insurance purposes.

4. Make sure that all items to be shipped are packed and boxed tightly in a secure, compact fashion within a box that is similar in shape and size. This means items that are shipped using crates must be equal is size as well as strong. This creates a shock barrier and will keep your item from being damaged.

5. Seal and make sure to clearly label the outer box listing all contents (imperative with cross boarder shipping) after choosing the insurance rate that reflects the value of your item and voila—your item is ready to be shipped.

Cross Border Shipping from Toronto helps you determine the best method to ship your most prized and valuable items, while meeting all of your concerns and needs. Cross Border Shipping from Toronto guarantees the safe and secure arrival of all of your sentimental and valued items.


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