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How to establish a Canada to US Logistics Company

Creating your very own Canada to US logistics company is a very wise way to enhance your profit margin considerably while simultaneously greatly reducing costs; and at the same time getting a lot of exposure for your product.  Deciding to establish a Canada to US logistics company can be very rewarding as well as a very stressful event. So in order to ensure that your experience will be one that goes smoothly, here are a few easy steps that will greatly assist you in the set up of your Canada to US logistics company...

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5 Safe Ways to Conduct Cross Border Shipments

It can be stressful when shipping items of sentiment or of value. Some items simply must be shipped and there is just no other way around it such as purchasing items online, or moving to a new residence.  No matter what your shipment needs are, Cross Border Shipping from Toronto guarantees to ship your most precious items quickly, safely and in a timely fashion eliminating all of your worries while meeting all of your needs...

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How to Move a Truck Load Shipment from Toronto to US

So you have made the decision to have your items shipped by freight/ truck load across the border.  Worried about what is involved in this process?   Don’t be. Truck Load Shipping Toronto will take all of the stress out of it for you! The trucking industry has made huge leaps and bounds in the area of technology. Trucking has always played a huge role in the shipping of goods worldwide...

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How to Prepare Custom Brokerage Documents

Preparing custom brokerage documents is a tricky matter and should always be prepared by a licensed custom broker and no one else. Some of the duties performed by a licensed custom broker is acquiring the delivery of the imported items, collection of all pertinent information, payment of duties, and taking any action needed regarding any CBSA issues...

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What to Look for in Freight Forwarding Company?

In order to ensure that our valued customers receive products at the lowest rate possible, Toronto Freight Forwarding Company is stepping it up to meet the diverse needs of their customers and provide the competitive rates that are in high demand. We understand the shipping needs in today’s world and we are committed to providing top quality service to all our valued customers...

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