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How to Prepare Custom Brokerage Documents

Preparing custom brokerage documents is a tricky matter and should always be prepared by a licensed custom broker and no one else. Some of the duties performed by a licensed custom broker is acquiring the delivery of the imported items, collection of all pertinent information, payment of duties, and taking any action needed regarding any CBSA issues. Customs Brokerage Toronto has several top notch, highlytrained, qualified, and professionallicensed custom brokersthat are ready to help you prepare your documents. There are a few key elements that need to be implemented when preparing your custom brokerage documents and a few of them are:

1. Preparing the invoice. The invoice is most significant document that needs to be completed before importing or exporting any items worldwide. Based upon this document, custom officials are able to classify pay duties, and transmit all pertinent information to customs. Custom officials must also ascertain the correct classification of the items, collection of data, value, duties, risk assessment, and the enforcement as well as compliance of regulations.

2. Describing in meticulous detail all relevant information of the items being shipped. This is crucial as strict inventory methods are enforced and some custom departments in other countries will not release their shipment if the description is too generic. This also ensures that the customs officers will be able to correctly identify correct categorization as well as any further provisions that may be necessary.

3. Specify international terms of delivery. This helps those in the customs department with correctly ascertaining the value of the items to be shipped. Other factors: packaging, warranties, royalties, discounts or licensing which may or may not be encompassed within the shipping costs.

Customs Brokerage Toronto takes great pride as well as careful measures In order to avoid any unnecessary requests for additional information not to mention possible shipment delays by custom officials. By following strict guidelines,Customs Brokerage Toronto ensures that your custom brokerage documents are prepared correctly and that your shipment arrives in a timely, safe and secure manner.


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